Hope Lennox is a designer based in New York.
On Obtaining a Soul
In ancient Greek mythology, the butterfly symbolized the soul. This poetry book features objects found in antique auction catalogs that are given a new life with the addition of wings. The poems reads as follows:
On obtaining a soul / Making kin and taking care / Can the inwardness ever fully be grasped? / Time does not pass away gently, / So what exceeds the span of a life? / Understand the body through the things around / An objective truth, an object of witness / There exist constellations of time and devotion / A fossil record, an act of love / A selected history of myth and ritual / Is it a question of morality? / A nonverbal whisper, a unity of consciousness / Manifestations of life and mind / A living body is a flowing event / A metamorphosis
2019, collages and poem by Hope Lennox
“sit down! tell me about your day!”
What creates the bond between human and object? How do they take care of each other? These questions were explored through a series of collages combining human attributes with nonhuman things. The result: a risograph poster of a chair who is eager to hear about your day.
2020, collage and writing by Hope Lennox
Fill the Negative Space of the Sculpture
Beverly Pepper’s Double Sbalzo is a sculpture on Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn campus. It is set back in a lawn and is rarely experienced in an active, physical way. Passersby were given the instructions, “Fill the negative space of the sculpture. Do not touch the work.” Some abided by the rules and hovered their bodies near the steel wave, while others disregarded the directions entirely and scaled the sculpture. The photographs show how many solutions there are to a problem and that sometimes bending the rules yields more interesting results.
2019, photography, design, and instructions by Hope Lennox
Writing Tool
Inspired by Dada poetry and collage, this snow globe acts as a tool for writing poetry and prose. Shake the snow globe to create unlikely word combinations and continue writing from there.
2019, construction by Hope Lennox
Concepts of Materiality
There is no thing, human or nonhuman, that does not partake in communication. Every thing acts as a storyteller. “The Force of Things” by Jane Bennett heavily informed this sculptural exploration of materiality. In her essay, she details a collection of items found on the street: “one large men’s black plastic work glove, one dense mat of oak pollen, one unblemished dead rat, one white plastic bottle cap, one smooth stick of wood.” She fixated on these objects that had gathered together. Were they litter and trash or more than that? Could they exist beyond their associations with humanity, habits, or projections? The more she looked at this odd assemblage, the objects began to appear as things, or in her words, “as vivid entities not entirely reducible to the contexts in which (human) subjects set them, never entirely exhausted by their semiotics.” The function of an object, the means of production, the materiality of that thing – all piece together to craft a bigger story. This then begs the question, does the subject craft the narrative around the object or does the object convey a message about the subject?
2019, sculptures and photography by Hope Lennox 
The Adventures of a Nearsighted Man
Italo Calvino’s short story “The Adventures of a Nearsighted Man" focuses on Amilcare Carruga, who goes through most of his life not knowing he needs glasses. The story comically recounts his experience with blurred vision and how a change in perspective impacts his life as a whole. The design of the book plays with scale to push the limits of legibility and force the reader to interact with the text in a similar way that the protagonist of the story does with the world. When the reader holds the book up to their face, they get to wear a pair of typographic glasses.
2018, design by Hope Lennox
Imperfect Symmetry
This poetry book explores the idea of the book as an object and how that form can mirror the textual contents. The poem reads:
Oh, how I envy the lightness of you. / oscillating in thoughts of nothing / gossamer whispers and butterfly kisses / but alas, I am pinned / suspended in imperfect symmetry
2019, writing and construction by Hope Lennox
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